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President Ruto Calls Mama Tinsely After Her 4-Year-Old Goes Viral

If the president called you today would you be bold enough to engage him in conversation? Would you chicken out in disbelief? A call from the president was the reality of the mother to Tinsely Nduta, a four-year-old child. The mother appears jittery in the video on her TikTok (Mama Tinsely). She speaks to the president and gives her daughter Tinsely the phone to speak.


This warm gesture by the president will be a memorable experience for Tinsely. She barely comprehended the magnitude of the event. She will likely recall it in awe when she grows into a teenager. The president contacted her in response to her video that trended.

Powerful leaders are people too.

In the video, Tinsely is seen crying and lamenting that His Excellency had decreed that they return to school. She is visibly upset as she speaks about it amidst tears. The video caught the attention of many, including the President, who explained that it occurred to him to explain to her why she had to go to school.

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#duet with @Mama Tinsley #mamatinsley kenya inataka akili …..Tinsley is going far 🙏🙏🙏#ypシforyoupageシtiktok #president #foryou

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It is without a doubt a show of concern by the president, who detailed that according to the law, children have to go to school. He reminded Tinsely that she had to go to school if she wanted to become something in the future, to which Tinsely responded that she did not know what she wanted to become.

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While some may argue that mighty politicians do such things as publicity stunts, it goes without saying that Tinsely’s mother will forever remember that day. Her impression of the president has changed for the better. No doubt that viewers were impressed as well. That gesture goes into our memory as a striking reminder of the humanity within the president’s heart. Powerful leaders are people too.


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