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Secrets of My Guilty Pleasures

You know that feeling of guilt after partaking in an activity that you really enjoy but think you will be shamed about it if you tell others? Well, that’s a guilty pleasure. Whether it be a nibble of ice-cream, that you know you are not supposed to take or maybe watching a kid’s show as an adult. They are things that we would like to keep secret because of the judgement we think we will face.


Most of us have our well-hidden guilty pleasures. I took it upon myself to go around my friend circle and ask them what their well-hidden ‘crimes’ were.

”Dating older women is my guilty pleasure,” Brian’s answer to my question.

Our current society has led us to believe that age-gapped relationships are inappropriate, but is there really an underlined rule that makes it wrong for two consenting adults to be in a relationship? With mutual understanding age-gapped relationships have been known to work , with the likes of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas being a perfect example.

”I tend to walk out of relationships before I’m left,” Okeyo, my next interviewee and friend told me.

Abandonment trauma is the fear of being left whether it be by a partner or a friend. This type of trauma makes an individual give out themselves more whether it being by going over and beyond to please their partners or friends. Other individuals cope by withdrawing themselves from relationships or friendships like Okeyo.

Abandonment issues can be dealt with by looking for the source of the emotion that trigger’s it. In many cases the issue is caused by an experience of neglect that one faced at a young age. With death of a loved one also being a leading cause. Counselling or therapy is a step to overcoming this feeling.

”Procrastinating,” Sharon emphatically said.

A simple word that holds a great meaning behind it. Procrastination is the action of constantly delaying something that you should have done. you might think in what way can procrastination be a guilty pleasure? but the aspect of Sharon enjoying the deed knowing it is wrong , qualifies it as a guilty pleasure for her.

When going through procrastination a lot of self-drive  is needed to enable you to work on what’s important. Setting goals or everyday day to-do-lists with rewards at the end to enable’s one to be more motivated in partaking in the activity.

”My guilty pleasure is eating sweet chocolatey snacks when I’m sad,” my good friend Nancy told to me.

The need for comfort when going through tough times is always needed. Having a sweet tooth is a guilty pleasure that I too can’t seem to get enough of. One should not be embarrassed of things that make him or her happy but instead embrace them.


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