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Kimani Mbugua Scored an A in KCSE, Father says

Kimani Mbugua Top Journalist

Kimani Mbugua, a famed journalist who came to the limelight when working for NTV, and recently went viral after sharing some distressing videos on social media, scored a straight A in his KCSE.


According to his father, Kimani only got an A minus in agriculture. His father spoke about his life to Obinna on Obinna TV. Furthermore, his dad intimated that Kimani in his younger years had managed to secure a place at Njiiris High School.

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His father added that he had suggested that Kimani does law or medicine. According to him, Kimani insisted on doing journalism and his father blessed the decision.

Kimani has been trending on TikTok for his outbursts and out-of-place behaviour, causing people to speculate that he suffers from a mental illness and needs help. Some viewers commented that he was facing spiritual attacks while others speculated that he was going through a psychotic break.

NYCWartotle on TikTok commented “It seems like he is having a psychotic break. It’s not the devil or an evil spirit. He needs treatment.”

Another viewer commented, “Spiritual attacks… May Almighty God intervene and rescue his destiny.” A similar comment read, “aki this is even spiritual aki Mungu aintervene, atasaidika aje because he is losing it.”

A concerned TikTok user, Yvonne Magaya spoke about how someone needs to check on him because mental illness often reoccurs when medication is not taken consistently.

Kimani Mbugua has worked for Citizen TV and NTV. It was at these stations that he gained his fame as a journalist and Kenyans became fond of him. He went to Moi University, according to his father. He has been trending on social media for going live on TikTok while acting strange, getting his fans and viewers concerned about him.

He says in an interview that he resigned from Citizen TV and it took them three months to accept his resignation because they knew he was suffering from mania. Kimani has been very open about the fact that he suffers from bipolar disorder. His father says he is at an apartment in Thika recuperating.


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