MP Mboko: Same-Sex Relationships Will Not Be Allowed


The Likoni Member of Parliament, Mishi Mboko, stated that the leaders in Mombasa County would not allow society to be misled by same-sex relationships.


She was speaking in Mombasa on the issue of same-sex relations among children in the area. Additionally, she mentioned that Kenya is a country guided by religious beliefs, traditions and customs. They would, therefore, not allow the vice of same-sex relations to infiltrate society.

Consequently, she urged the residents of the county to help fight the problem affirmatively as it continues to spread in the county. According to her, the residents play a crucial role in ensuring that the ‘vice’ does not spread or become the new normal in the area.

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She also urged parents to guide their children and protect them from being ‘morally corrupted’ by society. The children during the holidays are majorly under their parents’ responsibility for discipline and moral teachings.

“Wazazi make macho msiwe macho tu kwa kuwa waona mtoto was kike atatiwa mimba. Sasa hivi kaa macho mpaka kwa mtoto was kiume,” she said.

According to her statement, parents have a larger responsibility to ensure that their female children do not engage in sexual activities with the opposite gender and also same gender. Equally, they ought to keep an eye on the boy child ensuring they don’t engage in same-sex relations.

She censured the ruling made by the Supreme Court on the freedom of association for the people in the LGBTQ community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer)

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LGBTQ rights and freedoms

In February, the Supreme Court ruled that the decision to deny LGBTQ members the right to register as an NGO, despite homosexuality being illegal in the country was discriminatory. Due to this, they decided that the community has as much right to associate as everyone else, provided they don’t continue with the act.

The LGBTQ community was denied the right to register as an NGO in 2013 which they needed to advance their rights.

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Mombasa has had increasing cases of male residents being part of same-sex acts within the county. Some of them engage in such incidences for financial benefits rather than pleasure.

Uganda recently passed an anti-gay law in the country that has caused a lot of tension with international countries. The World Bank placed sanctions on the country on the condition that they repeal the decision made. The country, however, decided it could stand on its own without depending on the World Bank and mentioned that there were other places to source funding from.

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The LGBTQ community has caused a lot of controversy across the globe. Some countries are against the movement on the basis of religion and cultural contradiction. Others are introducing laws in support of them on the basis of human rights protection.

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