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Harmonize Claims He Gave Khaligraph His Only Music Award This Year

Uno hit maker, Harmonize is clapping back at Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones after he challenged Tanzanian rappers to a rap battle. The OG, shared a video on his socials daring Tanzanian rappers to rap battle within 24 hours.


In the video, Khaligraph claimed that he was the best in Nigeria and Kenya and if no rapper from Tanzania would step up, he would become the self-acclaimed best rapper in Tanzania as well. He added an ultimatum, that they should not do Amapiano, it would not be considered as rap.

“Naskia Tanzania Ma Rapper wameshika moto. Y’all have 24 hours to go the studio and record, na msiniletee amapiano. Bomboclat, ingieni kwa kiwanja tupimane nguvu. You will respect the OG.”

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph’s rap battle did not sit well with Harmonize who expressed how offended he was on his Instagram story. He claimed that due to his song collaboration with Khaligraph, he managed to get him his only award this year which has resulted to making him think he’s better than everyone else.

The bongo artist added that Khaligraph gets his inspiration from Tanzania and mentioned some names of some Tanzanian rappers who he claimed were better than him. He went ahead to mention other rappers who he claimed were in the same league as Khaligraph but still had a better rap game in comparison to him.

Khaligraph Jones and Harmonize

“How I went so hard to give you the only award this year, sikujua you can feel that big and disrespect my brothers. You really know all your rap inspiration it’s from Tanzania. Unawajua Weusi or what about your daddy, Professor Jay? Your level is Lunya and Con Boy and still wanakulalisha.”

Harmonize told Khaligraph Jones to relax because Tanzania rap is better and went on to add that Kenyan rap is good as well.

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A few hours after Khaligraph challenged Tanzanian rappers to a battle, he posted a video on his Instagram of a Tanzanian rapper who had labelled his video, ‘Mwenye namba ya Khaligraph, amtumie hii.’

Khaligraph responded to the video on his Instagram story by acknowledging a few Tanzanian rappers like Lunya and Mex claiming they are the only ones who hold fort to the Tanzania rap music industry.

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