Folk Musicians Craft China’s Musical Map to Preserve Heritage

The Chinese Musical MAP Project is hitting all the right notes in an endeavor to safeguard China’s musical heritage. The latest stop on this journey takes us to Lanzo, marking the 21st landmark on the map that is crafting an auditory legacy for generations to come.


The Chinese Music MAP Project has creatively produced 2600 musical compositions that have struck chords both domestically and internationally. These harmonies have earned the project a remarkable 180 awards and nominations, underscoring its significance in preserving and celebrating the nation’s cultural soul.

This project initiated in 2019 where it weaves together traditional Chinese melodies with innovative approaches, exploring the musical diversity from various perspectives. This sonic voyage takes us deep into the heart of traditional Chinese musical treasures.

Recently, the project’s artisans set out to capture the enchanting art of shadow puppetry, a form of dramatic storytelling illuminated by vibrant silhouettes dancing across leather or paper canvases. Accompanied by captivating music and melodies, this ancient art form is being immortalized through modern means.

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“The Euro good season” finds new life as the Chinese Music MAP Project captures the essence of shadow puppetry, bringing together age-old stories with contemporary resonance. The team embarks on a sonic journey, capturing the essence of this unique performance art, ensuring that it remains an indelible part of China’s musical identity.

Folk Musicians Craft China's Musical Map to Preserve Heritage.
Folk Musicians Craft China’s Musical Map to Preserve Heritage. PHOTO/Courtesy.

With an unwavering passion for their mission, the team behind the Chinese Music MAP Project is ensuring that the echoes of China’s musical past resound into the present and future. They are creating an understandable musical tapestry, where each thread represents a cultural gem.

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More than just preserving sounds, this project has recorded and released over 1500 musical works labeled as intangible cultural heritage. This treasure trove of melodies has transcended borders, spreading across more than 100 countries and regions, fostering a global appreciation for China’s rich musical legacy.

The journey hasn’t been limited to China’s borders. Over the past 15 years, the project has transcended geographical boundaries, with members venturing to countries like Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Here, they’ve formed musical connections with nearly 500 folk musicians, enriching the project’s resonant chorus.

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