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Eric Omondi to Raise Over KSH 50M for Needy Kenyans on Instagram Live

Kenyan comedian turned activist, Eric Omondi called a press conference yesterday in regards to how he was planning to help 10,000 Kenyans. Since the new government came into power, Eric has been at the forefront, fighting for Kenyans.


During the press conference, Eric Omondi said that he would embark on 96 hours of live streaming to raise money for needy Kenyans. The money raised would take Kenyans to India, pay for petty offenders in prison, and feed needy Kenyans.

He said that he would eat, stay up all through during his live stream and is yet to figure out how he will use the restroom and considered putting a bucket nearby.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi and other Kenyans protesting (Photo/Courtesy)

The comedian also vowed that he would pull all the strings at his disposal to make sure that the price of maize flour drops to one hundred Kenya shillings.  Eric said that before his daughter starts to walk or speak, he aims to do everything in his power to ensure the maize flour prices drop.

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He also called out the Kenya Kwanza government, accusing them of not keeping the promises they made during their campaigns including dropping the price of basic commodities. He accused the government of stealing from Kenyans and making empty promises.

Earlier this year, Eric was detained severally by the police at the Central Police station before being arraigned in court due to his protesting over the high cost of living. He has also been seen raising money in streets abroad that he uses to feed needy Kenyans.

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