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China’s Love for Coffee Boosts Imports

China’s increasing passion for coffee is fueling a remarkable rise in coffee bean imports. In the first five months of this year, China’s JSU province imported $35 million worth of coffee beans, a 65% increase compared to last year.


Coffee traders in Kunshan City are going beyond the usual suppliers like Brazil and Ethiopia, looking to places like Costa Rica and Honduras. While Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia have been the go-to sources for coffee beans, Costa Rica has joined the mix this year.

Honduran suppliers are working on getting approval from Chinese customs to start exporting their coffee beans. At the same time, local coffee makers are buying more imported beans to keep up with production demands.

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The demand is so high that imports of green beans are expected to increase by 50% this year. Kunshan alone imported over 26 million US dollars worth of green coffee beans from January to May, a massive 200% surge compared to last year’s numbers.

Costa Rica and Honduras are now getting a taste of this growing market, as China’s thirst for coffee beans shows no signs of slowing down.

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