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Viral Grandma Gives Adigo Digo Advice On Women Who ‘Eat Fare’

The elderly Kenyan woman who went viral for her video of Ksh 70,000 fuel is offering some words of wisdom for Kenyan men.


In a video doing rounds on social media, she is seen advising Adigo Digo on how to deal with women who ‘eat fare’. The phrase is used to describe a woman who is sent money by a man who hopes to meet with her on a date, but the woman ends up cancelling but keeps the money.

The grandma advises Adigo Digo to buy a woman a car or send her a taxi to avoid the woman from ‘eating fare’. To which Adigo Divo replies with, “sasa hiyo umesaidia kweli madhe?” Adigo Digo’s response shows that it was not what he was expecting to hear and something he’d probably find difficult to do.

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The whole ‘eating fare’ narrative has bothered most Kenyan men especially those who have fallen prey to women ‘eating the fare’ they sent. The Kenyan men who find it difficult to invest in a woman financially and not get something in return are the most bothered by this narrative.

Women on the other hand have come up with ways to get men to sort them out financially without having to be intimate with the men in question.

In today’s generation, women are more inclined to date and marry for money. They prefer to live a ‘soft life’ that a man offers in return for their beauty, love and intimacy.

Some men are catching up to speed with the terms the women are putting and those who can afford to ‘spoil’ a woman, use it as a means to pursue a lady, leading to the increase of sugar daddies and wababas.

Whether or not it is fair for women to use men and trick them of their money is based on a personal moral standard that an individual has.

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