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What Your Sitting Posture Reveals About You

Scientific study reveals that, by looking at one’s sitting posture, one can be able to read people’s personality traits and their current feelings. This is according to a study done by Ohio State University.


Our body language not only reveals our hidden emotions but also our thoughts and characteristics. Anyone blessed with impeccable perception skills of interpreting non-verbal cues can spot contradictions between one’s body language and their words.

Below are examples of common sitting postures and what they say about a person.

1. Knees straight

People who sit upright with their knees straight have been found to be very disciplined, reserved and punctual above all. Studies have also revealed that they are perceived to be more qualified for job roles in job interviews. This is because they tend to be reserved and only speak when spoken to or when necessary. Such people also avoid gossiping and reveal their thoughts in a straight forward manner.

This sitting posture also aids one exhibit traits of confidence and honesty. It is believed that people who sit with their knees straight are rational thinker and have great emotional strength.

2. Knees apart

People who sit with their knees apart mostly come out as self-centered, arrogant and judgmental. In most cases, this sitting posture indicates that one is trying to mark their territory and show power. However, it is also found that people who habitually sit with their knees apart have a short attention span, get bored easily and are overthinkers.

Despite being people who can give off big time pompous energy, they also exhibit traits of anxiousness and low self-esteem, Hence, they tend to want to take up much space as possible to feel good. Their low attention span can be attributed to their absent-mindedness. They tend to be distracted easily by the next shiny thing and also strive for perfection.

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Aside from that, they are not very good at completing tasks properly and will always jump from one incomplete task to another. Despite being filled with great ideas, this trait makes it difficult for them to fully actualize their dreams.

For people who worry a lot, their sitting posture conceals their thoughts well. Nonetheless, such people are filled with fear of things not going their way and will most likely act annoyed and very unkindly when met with resistance. This is a trait that makes them very uncommitted to relationships and often ghost their dating prospects.

3. Crossed legs

People with this sitting posture are mostly artistic, independent, confident, imaginative, attentive and sensitive. Proven to be the best conversationalists in any room, these people are least judgmental and can steer any conversation with ease.

Furthermore, they are burdened with trust issues. They mostly keep their thoughts to themselves, take time to let people in and don’t fancy making many friends, despite being friendly. All in all, they spend more time in the inner world than the outer world and they self reflect a lot. This makes them learn things more often and in most cases, they always have wisdom to offer.

Aside from that, they are also very charismatic people with attractive personalities and always tend to be very comfortable in their own skin.

4. Ankles crossed

People with this sitting posture are often diplomatic, observant, introverted and elegant. Their demeanor is regal and gives off queen-vibes as well. In addition, their ambition is highly contagious as they are people who work tirelessly to achieve their goals.

Such people also have the uncanny ability to be calm and confident in any situation as they carry themselves with poise and seldom panic. It is also for this reason that they are very concerned about their appearance. They try their best to maintain an outer appearance and aura that matches each and every occasion.

Moreover, they are reserved, private and great listeners. Traits that make most people trust and confide in them a lot.

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5. Four-figure lock

People with this sitting posture are very secure, content, dominating, youthful and very competitive. Sitting next to these people makes one feel more relaxed.

Interestingly, such people are very career oriented and will always be inclined to prioritize education and other learning opportunities. It is also why they put their minds and energy into fulfilling any lack in any area of their lives. They also hate being stuck in dull environments and routines.

To add on their traits, they are also secretive, assertive, bold and have a divine order in everything. They are also known for dressing well, looking good and rejecting opinions other than their own.

6. Legs slanting in one direction

People with this sitting habit are frequently deemed meticulous, resolute, intelligent and perceptive. They are also seen as mysterious as they always exhibit patience and strong endurance and perseverance levels. In spite of their mysteriousness, they are very passionate about the people they care about. They also invest their time, money and efforts very carefully and purposefully.

However, they are also highly organized, place utmost importance on their careers, cannot be easily convinced and are very good at keeping secrets.

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7. Knees touching and feet pointing towards each other

People who sit like this are seen as friendly, approachable, curious and optimistic. They are often unbothered, carefree and live lives as per their own whims. Being around such people turns every mood into a funny, jolly and quirky one.

Such people seldom fret about the future and really love living in the present moment. Consequently, this trait makes them poor planners and they at most times choose to go with the flow. Regardless, they re independent, charming, creative and straightforward.

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