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Crazy rumours about US rappers you wont believe are true

Since it birth in the early 1970s the Hip Hop culture has been the the source of some of the best American music. The industry has its fare share of conspiracy theories, controversies and rumours. Here are some of the US rappers with the craziest rumours that turned out to be true.


Tupac’s friends smoked some of his ashes

After his death on September 1996,Tupac Shakur was cremated. in one of his songs he rapped about how he wanted his ashes smoked after he was gone. His former group member honoured that request. Young Noble recounted what happened.

”It’s definitely true. it was the night we had a memorial for him with his mum and family. we were giving him our own farewell that night. I forgot which one of us came up with it or who said we need to do that. We twisted some of that California Kush and mixed homie with it.”

50 Cent was shot nine times.

The artist who is known for his hardcore gangster persona survived nine gunshots wounds. Sitting in the back of a car in 2000, Darryl Baum drove up and shot him in the arm, chest, hand, hip, legs and left cheeck. this resulted in a permanently partially visible hole in his face. He highlighted it on The Graham Norton Show and even allowed Julie Walter to feel the hole. others say he a piece of a bullet lodged in his mouth. 50 Cent was reportedly shot because of a feud after he talked about drug dealers in the neighbourhood where he grew up.

Kanye West recorded his first single with his jaw shut

In October 2002, Kanye was involved in a serious accident that left him with a broken jaw. Such an injury would cause many people to quiet down but for Kanye , it was a source of inspiration. within a few weeks he was back in studio where he recorded his first single ”Through the wire’ with his jaw still wired shut (hence the tittle). If you listen closely to the track ,Kanye’s voice sounds rough at certain points.

Big Lurch cannibalized a corpse

Antron Singleton alias Big Lurch was found naked on the street covered in blood in April 2002 and high on Phencyclidine (PCP). the body of Tinisha Ysais was found in his house torn open and partially devoured.

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Upon examination on at the hospital, the doctors found pieces of human flesh in his stomach. Despite the hard evidence that linked him to the crime, Big Lurch came up with a conspiracy theory. While most of his fans believed him, the court did not buy it. He is currently serving two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Christ Bearer cut off his genitals with a stake knife

Andre Johnson otherwise known by his stage name as Christ Bearer did cut off his own genitals in April 2014. After the self butchering, he jumped from a two storey building in Los Angeles, California. He was presumably under the influence of PCP during this entire chain of events.

Responding to the questions on why he did it, he said he had an ongoing dispute about the access to his children and wanted to give himself a vasectomy.

Speaking to djvlad  he said,” I basted off high. I was in a sub-atomic world. I did grab a knife out of frustration that I could not see my kids and had a vasectomy in my mind.”

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