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Kenyan Teenager in the US Recognised for His Heroic Act

A Kenyan teenager by the name Roy Ngunjiri, residing in the United States, has been honored with the Life Saving Recognition Award for his remarkable acts.


The young teenager thoughtfully saved the life of his grandmother during an asthma attack. Ngunjiri’s heroic actions not only involved calling 911 but also ensuring clear access to their house for emergency responders, as well as packing a bag with essential items for her hospital needs.

The surprise award was presented to Ngunjiri while he was attending school in Everett. His outstanding thoughtfulness was acknowledged, as they played a crucial role in averting what could have potentially been a tragic outcome for his grandmother.

Kenyan Teenager in the US Recognized for His Heroic Act.
PHOTO: Roy Ngunjiri receiving award for his heroic act.

During this life-threatening situation, Ngunjiri realized that he was unable to help his grandmother and promptly dialed 911.

In the midst of waiting for the firefighters to arrive, Ngunjiri took the initiative to inform his mother about the situation and even secured the family dog to prevent any hindrance to the paramedics.

Upon their arrival, he quickly cleared the path for them, ensuring easy access to his grandmother. In the midst of the emergency response, Ngunjiri packed his grandmother’s essentials that would be required during her hospitalization.

Firefighter Bronson Pearce praised Ngunjiri’s selflessness, stating, “While they helped his grandmother, he packed a rucksack for her with all the things she would need for the hospital,” noting that Ngunjiri acted instinctively without a second thought.

Ngunjiri also accompanied the authorities to the hospital to assist with translation, highlighting his dedication to ensuring his grandmother’s well-being.

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Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Kimani Ngunjiri expressed admiration for the young hero, he stated, “A Kenyan boy making headlines in the US after saving his cucu during an asthma attack that would have left her in a dire state. Roy Ngunjiri, we are proud of you and your future is bright.”

In recognition of his heroic efforts that saved his grandmother’s life, Ngunjiri received not only accolades from local authorities but also a surprise reward from the neighborhood fire department in Everett.

Kenyan Teenager in the US Recognized for His Heroic Act
PHOTO: One Single Climber on the Ascent to the Summit. Photo conept, focusing on greatness.

The award coincided with the 49th annual Emergency Medical Service (EMS) week, which takes place from May 21 to 27.

After receiving the prestigious award, Ngunjiri’s story got attention from various media outlets across the United States, with the public commending his bravery and selflessness. His inspiring actions serve as a reminder of the positive impact that individuals, regardless of age, can have on the lives of others in times of crisis.

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