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Alessandro Bastoni’s Game Plan to Stop Erling Haaland in the Champions League Final

Inter Milan defender Alessandro Bastoni will come up against Erling Halaand in this weekend’s Champions League final. It seems the 24 year old has a plan.


Manchester City seems to be the overwhelming favourites in the showpiece event at Ataturk Olympic stadium in Istanbul.

City has Lifted the Premier League and FA Cup and are now on the verge of a treble. Pep Guardiola’s side swept aside Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in the last stages of the competition.

Ahead of Saturday night clash, Alessadro made interesting comments in a press conference. He said,

We’ve seen a lot of City’s games and we know bringing them closer to our game can give us problems. We will analyze better in the next few days ”

Alessandro Bastoni's Game Plan to Stop Erling Haaland in the Champions League Final.
Alesandro Bastoni at a press conference . Photo/Credits.

Although it sounds like he down plays Inter’s preparation for Saturday’s game, he admitted he has a plan for striker Erling Halaand.

They brought him to win the Champions League. But City is not just him, there are many players who can put us in trouble. Since it’s not Haaland- Inter but City – Inter ,we will try to stop them.”

Haaland was limited to 21 touches in Last months semi- final in Bernabeu. This was because Antonio Rudiger used his physicality to shut down Haaland’s attacking threat.

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Bastoni clearly wants to use some of these tactics to interfere with Haaland’s game.

While answering questions about if they fear Manchester city he said,“It’s normal that they are favourites. There is no fear, but the right tension, since we were seven or eight years old we all dreamed of playing a game like this. I can’t wait to get on the pitch.”

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