Otile Brown’s Date with Kachgly

Otile Brown has finally kept his promise by taking Kachgly out on a date.  


When a Luo man takes you on a date it’s not just a visit to a hotel, it’s an experience everyone should have; he picks you, dresses you, ensures you are looking beautiful, and then feeds you as you enjoy the sweet melodious conversations. Exactly what Otile Brown did.

“My word my bond…even when the world is coming to an end… Kachgly see you in a few,” Otile Brown posted on her stories as he prepared for the date.

Kachgly expressed her joy, as she went ahead to write her caption of a lifetime, in a video about the date, that she was happy seeing her crush. She also went ahead to comment on how romantic and cute Otile Brown stunned her.

Here is the video:

Kachgly also confessed that she had never been taken out, and Otile Brown was the first person to treat her out. She was so overwhelmed with the date, well expressed as she tightly held onto Otile Brown.

“Am so happy kuonana na my crush, it was my dream. He is a cute a romantic guy, thank you so much. Sijawai pelekwa dinner date, you are the first person kunirembesha sjui nikuthank aje, I love you so much, GOD bless sana and I love you so much, have nothing to say but thank you, My Otile Brown,” Kachgly captioned her post.

The date has sparked a lot of debates online as netizens reacted with different thoughts.

Some are already speculating the two being a couple as others congratulated Kachgly for having the moment of her dream

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