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Otile Brown’s Date with Kachgly is still on

Kachgly and Otile Brown

Otile Brown’s date with his online crush Kachgly, the lady who tattooed his name on her chest is still on. The dream of Kachgly who many trolled online and called Kienyeji is still alive.


This came to light after Otile Brown posted the update on his Instagram stories, barely weeks after the lady went viral online from an interview with Miss Trudy, recalling his promise to take her out for coffee.

“I was insulted after getting the tattoo. I was told Otile would never want a kienyeji like me and that I was wasting my time.” Kachgly narrated a few weeks ago in an interview.

Kachgly, who also happens to be one of Otile Brown’s top fans did not quit as she went ahead to get another tattoo of the singer’s name on her arm.

Kachgly went ahead to dedicate a song to Otile Brown on Instagram hoping he enjoys it.

“He is another one, special dedication for you handsome, Otile Brown. I hope you enjoy” Kachgyl captioned on her post.

Otile Brown is still in London on his first-ever UK tour.

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