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ODM Unanimously Expel Oduol from the Party

Siaya ODM delegates unanimously decide to expel Oduol from the party. This happens in a meeting that was hosted on Sunday, hours before the sitting with the County Assembly.


In attendance were the County assembly deputy speaker, James Orengo and other county officials.  

ODM expel Oduol from the Party.
ODM expel Oduol from Office. PHOTO/Credit

The deputy governor, Oduol and the governor, James Orengo have been in a war of words with each other. The two have been against each other with Oduol accusing Orengo of corruption and withholding the deputy’s benefits and liberties. Oduol accused Orengo of gross misconduct in the public finance management act and corruption by executive members. 

These accusations were dismissed by the MCAs when tabled before them. The case that was filed by three other activists, in support of Oduol, has been transferred from the High Court in Nairobi to the High Court in Siaya. Within the case, is a petition for the deputy governor to be included in matters of the County Assembly. 

Reason for the decision to expel Oduol from the party

The main basis for the dismissal of Oduol from ODM is that he spread false information to the media about the county governor of Siaya. They claim that the image of the wrangling between the two has been harmful to ODM. Oduol on the other hand, doesn’t regret the move they made by talking to the media for he claims that he was being denied his benefits and had been secluded from county affairs. 

East Asembo MCA, Gordon Ong’uru alongside fellow MCAs issued a notice on their motion to impeach Oduol from office. This motion goes in line with how badly the wrangles between the two have halted progress in the county and its success.

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The County Assembly Speaker, George Okonde issued a gazette notice that called for a special meeting. The County Assembly have been called to a special meeting on May 29 2023, with the impeachment of Deputy Governor Oduol being the main priority for the meeting. 

This decision made by ODM comes after the ODM leader, Wadanyi, compelled Oduol to resign. He called on him to resign so that the governor may choose someone else to be his running mate and that the county’s duties may go on. This happened on May 22, 2023, during the food distribution relief program in Siaya County for the flood victims.

ODM Unanimously Expel Oduol from the Party.
PHOTO/ Courtesy: ODM Unanimously Expel Oduol from the Party.

“Some party officials are working in cahoots with UDA and ODM no longer considers them as its members,” said George Okanda. 

Before the elections, ODM settled for Oduol as Orengo’s running mate as he had political prowess. He had great mobilisation skills and these would give the party an edge to win the elections in the region. 

Odiol’s dismissal from ODM sets the stage for the special meeting scheduled for Monday 29th by the County Assembly.

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