The Dirty Wrangles between Orengo and Oduol

There seems to be a solution looming for the dirty wrangles between Orengo and Oduol.


Busia’s Governor, Paul Otuoma, has offered to step in and mediate the fight between Siaya Governor James Orengo and his deputy William Oduol for the county’s prosperity.

Orengo vs Oduol wrangles/ PHOTO/Credits
Orengoo and Oduol wrangles/ PHOTO/Credits

At a food distribution exercise in Alego Asonga, Paul Otuoma offered to mediate the wrangles between the two leaders.

“These people are my friends and everyone has their roles set out but you cannot be the deputy governor and want to be the governor. These stunts we are seeing people insulting each other in public is not a good sight to see,” Otuoma said at a food distribution exercise

There have been wrangles between the two on the seclusion of Oduol from his duties as the deputy. This was escalated after Peter Agoro, Erick Onyango, and Elizabeth Akinyi, three activists filed a petition against Orengo. Among the complaints was that Oduol was being denied benefits and allowances. These allowances and benefits being withheld, interfere with his output in the county and its success. Some of the benefits include security personnel, the petition calls for his denial to have security personnel.

The three want Oduol to have his privileges and responsibilities reinstated as the deputy governor. They also want the EACC to investigate Orengo and his officer’s activities. Majorly, the petition is requesting the state to force the governor from sidelining his deputy governor.

In response to the petition that was filed to the High Court in Nairobi, it was transferred to the high court in Siaya by Justice Hegwig Ong’undi. The County Assembly, however, dismissed all the allegations made by Oduol. Alongside this, MCAs dismiss allegations made of misappropriation in the executive office.

Oduol and Orengo’s feud solution

ODM has involved themselves in this wrangle by asking Oduol to resign from office.

“Oduol needs to resign and allow the sitting governor to choose another deputy who he can work with. This involvement is pressuring the deputy governor to resin amid the whole confusion,” Wandanyi, National Assembly Minority Leader says

While that happens, MCAs are planning to impeach Oduol from office. A notice motion for impeachment was sent out by Gordon Onguru, East Asembo MCA. Oduol is facing the threat of impeachment alongside the pressure to resign from office.

Many of the leaders are eager for the dispute to be solved as it is affecting the output of the county. Will it be through ODMs push for his resignation or will Otuoma manage to mediate the wrangling and find a solution that maintains them both in office?

In the midst of all this, the Deputy Governor, says he does not understand the grounds for his removal from office. All he wants is an opportunity to serve his people in his best capacity and be involved in decision-making processes.

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