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Signs that scream you are in the friend zone

Friend zone

Often at times, we are so deep into our crushes and how we feel about them, that we don’t read the signs of a possible friend zone in the making.


The friend zone. This is probably the worst place any person can be in, leave alone a friendship with benefits. The pain of knowing your love is unrequited is too unbearable. It makes you scream on the inside. Even worse, is when you don’t know you are stuck in the friend zone until it’s too late when you have spilt all your guts out professing your undying love for the woman of your dreams.

Here are signs that show you have been friend zoned:

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  • When your dates become a group thing

Look here James, if you always ask her out on dates, and she brings your whole squad with her, that’s a friend zone all right. It means that she probably thought the date was a group thing and saw it best to include everyone else. I’d say, the saying that goes ‘the more the merrier’ has never been more twisted.

Friend zone
File/Courtesy: Signs that scream you are in the friend zone
  • When she talks to you about her crush

You know you are a fellow brother once she starts talking to you about this guy she likes or finds attractive. Better yet, sometimes it will get to a point where she asks for tips on how to win his attention or questions about what boys like in a girl.

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  • When she tells you that you are a great guy…

Unfortunately for you, you’re not so great for her. When she compliments how you are so mature, and a great and caring guy but never hints at wanting you to be that for her says everything. You are like that shiny toy that can only be looked at from a distance.

  • She constantly wants you to touch her…

It is pretty ironic actually. No wonder people ask what women want. You may think that because she wants you to do those little things for her, she is into you. Do not be deceived. When a woman likes you, she will of course want you to be all touchy but she will be subtle about it. Additionally, if she asks for these things in a platonic way, just know that you are where all her other friends are.

Friend zone
File/Courtesy: Not all forms of physical contact imply the presence of romantic chemistry

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  • You are the shoulder she leans on

There is nothing that speaks friend zone in more volume than being the comforter when she is going through a breakup. You become one of the girls, whom she confides in and rants to about how the stuck-up ex could barely keep up.


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