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How to make your kids fall in love with vegetables


If you put two plates in front of your kids, one with a giant slice of pizza and the other with vegetables, you should not be surprised by what they choose.


From way back, kids have disliked the idea of vegetables. Anything green on the table is considered an abomination. You are lucky as a parent if your kids enjoy eating vegetables, of any kind. Since they are important in the provision of nutrients, not incorporating them in meals is out of the question.

Here are tips you can use to get your kids to appreciate vegetables more:

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  • Mix…and match

You can mix vegetables into some of their favorite meals. Your child will probably think of you as a monster because how dare you! But they will have no choice but to eat. Eventually, they will grow to love and appreciate the gesture.

File/Courtesy: When it comes to mixing vegetable dishes, starting with vegetable rice will do
  • Presentation is key

For kids, how you present meals is everything. Try to add more color to the vegetables, to make them more appealing. You can choose vegetables of different colors, like tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers, and make a fun vegetable salad out of them.  

  • Spice them up

In most African homes, it is safe to say that vegetables are the most normally cooked. No spices, nothing! No wonder children go on hunger strikes when it’s sukuma wiki day. Try to cook while adding a little flavor to the vegetables, through spices. Within no time they won’t be able to resist those greens.

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  • There are so many veggies to choose from

Do not be boring and stick to just cabbage all seven days to Sunday. Be diverse. You can go with traditional vegetables today, maybe salads, tomorrow, and so on. Your kids will always look forward to each day since it brings forth new and exciting vegetable dishes, yay!

File/Courtesy: There are so many options when it comes to vegetables

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  • Vegetable snacks

Try to get your kids snacking on vegetables once in a while. Whether it is a chicken vegetable salad or carrots. You can also substitute the regular ham sandwich for a vegetable one.


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