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Weird Stereotypes Surrounding People with Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks have been over time, fast gaining popularity among the masses. However, we can’t help but address the stereotypes surrounding this hairstyle.


For most people, having to constantly think about your next hairdo is a problem. I mean, even Njoki gets tired of recycling her weaves, so the best option is to go for dreadlocks. Dreadlocks started gaining prominence as early as the 1600s and have gradually become a force to reckon with to date.

Even so, a myriad of stereotypes surrounding dreadlocks has found their place in society. Here are some of the funny and weird stereotypes about people with dreadlocks:

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  • They are unkempt

It is funny how people with dreads are assumed to be extremely untidy. Some people believe that those with dreads do not take showers or even wash their hair. But hey! Just because you may have met one who stinks does not warrant the assumption that all of them do. They do not live like hippies.

  • They are serious bhang smokers!

Why people with dreads are believed to be bhang addicts beats most of us. It is either they are weed, (bhang lovers), they sell drugs or they can connect you to a person who does. This stereotype is however based on hearsay and holds no validity.

  • They are Rastafarians

Most people think that if you have dreads, you are inclined to be Rastafari. That is not essentially true. So, get over yourself Jenny, they are not trying to look like the lion of Judah.

File/Courtesy: Many people with dreadlocks are stereotyped to be Rastafarian
  • Their favorite music genre is reggae

For some reason, if you have dreads, people believe you should like reggae. If you don’t, it comes as a shock. The truth is though, that not all dread fans are inclined to reggae music. Even if most of them do, that should not be a cause of concern; to each his own!

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  • It is probably a phase

People with dreads are stereotyped to be experiencing a phase in their lives. It is either they are going through a tragic experience or they are trying something new. Here is a funny one; they have gone rogue or they are trying to be delinquents. That is ridiculous.

  • They are unprofessional

Dreadlocks are associated with informality. Even businesses and workplaces do not encourage their employees to wear dreads. Maybe, it is just us being very conservative as a society.

File/Courtesy: It is possible to look professional and formal with dreadlocks

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There are so many stereotypes that accompany this hairstyle and the people who have embraced it. The point however is that dreads just happen to look good and are easy to maintain. So, maybe we should ease up on the stereotypes; it is not that deep.


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