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Garbage to Gold; Man Builds Houses out of Trash

trash House

Amidst the global challenges posed by climate change, a visionary mind has emerged with a solution that is both eco-friendly and cost-effective — homes made entirely out of waste and garbage.


Michael Reynolds, an architect based in Taos, New Mexico, has been building these homes, called Earthships, from tires to beer cans, bottles, and all the leftovers of a heavily polluted society, for the last 30 years. Even though he hates the term recycle, Michael has revolutionized the world completely with this brilliant innovation.

With a focus on self-sufficiency, Earthships harness the power of the sun through solar panels, ensuring that families living in these homes never have to worry about electricity or water bills again.

They also have a recycling water system, where rainwater is collected and reused up to four times, making it possible to grow food and sustain the household.

“We can make a home make its electricity, harvest its water, contain and treat its sewage, heat and cool itself, use products of the world…produce food anywhere. We can put a family of 4 in there and they don’t need to do anything,” said Michael.

These Earthships are a beacon of hope in an era of rising fuel prices, food insecurity, and climate change, and have the potential to provide a solution to these pressing global issues.

Michael’s unwavering dedication to waste reduction and sustainability serves as a source of inspiration to us all. By transforming the leftovers of a heavily polluted society into homes, he has proven that anything is possible with a little creativity and determination.

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Photo/Courtesy: House made from wastes

The Earthships have solar panels that generate electricity from the sun, and a top-of-the-barrel insulation system where the houses are cool in the summers and hot during the winters.

Gone are the days of worrying about electricity and water bills, and hello to a life of comfort and peace of mind. These Earthships not only provide a solution to the rising cost of living, but also serve as a testament to what can be achieved through creativity and determination.

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According to Michael, he is not looking to change the world. Rather, he is trying to find ways in which people can live in it more comfortably.

Photo/Courtesy: These unconventional houses can contain, treat and recycle water even for gardening

“We are not necessarily looking at trying to change the planet as much as trying to make it so more people can survive…” said Michael.

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Because of his innovations, Michael was referred to as an architectural disgrace but this did not deter his vision to see garbage being put to good use by providing comfort to families in need.

While the beauty and aesthetics of these Earthships are not globally accepted, they provide comfort during a time when people need it the most. They are believed to be the future cure for troubles related to inflation of fuel prices, inadequate food supply, and global climate change.

In a world where the line between economic hardship and environmental degradation has become increasingly blurred, Michael Reynolds stands as a shining example of what can be achieved. With a touch of humor and a heart of gold, he has inspired us all to think outside the box and to never give up on our dreams.


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