Young People are not Lazy Just Unconventional


Most elderly people perceive and express their sentiments toward young people as work-shy, idle, incompetent and lacking basic life survival skills.

Young people are part of the democracy, hence they have a right and responsibility to participate towards individual and community growth.

Most elderly people perceive the young as lazy and incompetent. Photo Courtesy.

Youth contribution towards active citizenship involves having a right, means, opportunity and empowerment, to enable active participation and engagement in decision-making in the establishment of a better society.

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According to research by the European Union and Council of Europe on Revisiting Youth participation, current Challenges, Priorities and Recommendations, young people are unmoved and contribute unconventionally, as their participation is affected by events they experience in their young lives.

During one of the many college lectures, a particular lecturer made very provocative comments that negatively riled up the students.

“You kids of these days want everything handed to you. You are so lazy, you don’t work for what you want and you always go for the easier routes” the lecturer noted.

This sentiments followed after a student arrived for a project presentation session in inappropriate attire, jeans and a t-shirt.

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The shocked young faces disapproving that sentiment, and anger imprinted faces indicates a misunderstanding or rather unawareness.

The incident traces a conversation with an older friend, who reiterated the same belief, ‘Young people are Lazy’ when answering to the question on the perception towards youth participation in the growth of the society.

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Listening to young people in relation to these adult negative notions, enables understanding on how the young people are impacted with their surrounding, what they pick on how to handle tasks, the standard way or unconventionally.

For instance, the younger generation will find the thought of a 9-5 job schedule unappealing so the young will choose to work part-time or remotely.

Young people would rather pay someone to do their laundry than do it themselves, and prefer eating out than cooking meals.

Given the chance to work part-time, a young person would grab it at a go

Choosing not to participate in simple chores portray the young in a bad light in front of parents or the older generation.

Back in the day, the older generations perceived hard labor as responsibility, hence the aggressive approach towards life.

Its important to notice the variance between the part generations.

The younger generation are existing in a time when technology is accessible to aid in any hard labour hence the approach they give and the critic s they get from people of an older era.

Just because young people choose to do things differently shouldn’t make them incompetent.

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So don’t pay any mind to that aunt of yours who is always chastising you and calling you lazy because you use the washing machine to do laundry instead of using your own hands like they used to or that uncle who is bashing you for getting podcast equipment when there are ‘better’ office jobs.

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