The most Insane Innovations Made by Young Kenyans


Young Kenyans are on the frontline of breaking all societal stereotypes by creating the most iconic innovations to sustain lives.

Technology is slowly creeping its way into our lives every day. Adaptation of technology and digital systems has enabled easy transition and work in a majority of aspects of the day-to-day lives of people.

Young people are a step ahead in the creation of innovations to reduce the costs of living all the while ensuring sustainability.

Students invented ugali flour made out of grass to curb famine

Here are some amazing innovations made by our very own:

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  • Banana-fibre pads

Paul Ntikoisa, 22, and Ivy Etemesi, 21, both students of Moi Kabarak university innovated sanitary towels made out of banana fibers.

Their invention was in a quest to tackle a major health issue in the Rift Valley region where there is a shortage of sanitary pads for girls.

This also aimed to break all superstitions around periods and to stop period shaming.

  • Ugali flour made of grass

In efforts to curb the drought and famine crisis the country is currently grappling with, Faith Wandia, a master’s degree holder came up with a brilliant idea to make flour out of the grass.

Each packet of one kilo is to retail at Ksh 35.  She opted to use grass because of its cheap nature and availability. Such a smart move that one!

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  • Re-inventing plastic

Joseph Nguthiru, an Egerton university student put thought into this one. He sort to produce plastic- bags, wrappers, party plates, and tumblers from water hyacinth in efforts to combat global warming.

The weed, an aquatic menace in itself is biodegradable, hence does not pose any harmful effects on the environment.

The invention is a win-win for environmentalists and the fishermen around Lake Victoria.

This iconic innovation saw him get a presidential innovation award from Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

Plastic wrappers are to be substituted with biodegradable water hyacinth to control global warming
  • Homegrown ventilators

When COVID-19 struck the world, Kenya was faced with the hard challenge of providing oxygen ventilators to severely affected patients.

That is when Fidel Makatia, a student of Kenyatta university came in. he invented a homegrown ventilator that supports the treatment of patients severely affected by Coronavirus.

The ventilator detects oxygen and normal air then it gives it enough pressure and volume required to ventilate a patient.

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These innovations go to show how young people are birthing life-changing inventions that will streamline livelihood soon. A beautiful thing to look forward to.

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