Dating in Nairobi is Like Taking Part in an Auction


Dating in Nairobi is exhausting. It is like being in an auction where the highest bidder is the one willing to part with a huge chunk of cash to get the prize.


“Short curvy gorgeous girl for sale, going once, going twice…sold to the Mubaba with the black Prado”. That is how the dating arena in the streets of Kenya’s capital is. Just like an auction, the person with the highest pay gets to go home with the girl.

Most relationships are surviving on how much money is in the wallet, and how many cars you parked outside.

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It is a lot easier to pick a girl in Nairobi. All you need is a shiny set of wheels and a black card. (Or any card really, these days they are not so picky). All this materialism in relationships makes one wonder whether there is true, genuine, and selfless love. Are there couples who truly care for each other regardless of what they are benefiting from one another?

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Let us not even get started on the increasing rate of extramarital affairs between sugar daddies and their campus queens. Or, the one for all and all-for-one principle, where couples silently decide to be in open relationships. This must be the root cause of super gonorrhoea; you know the king of all STDs.

Photo/Courtesy: Nairobi (night aerial view), the City that never sleeps

When it comes to dating in Nairobi, you have to be on your toes. Otherwise, this city that never really sleeps will give you a run for your money, literally. This does not go to show that you shouldn’t date. However, you must practice caution when you play the game of love.

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You might think you have all the cards, and call all the shots, but sometimes the player ends up being played. Boy, how the mighty have fallen due to lack of knowledge.


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