The Wanting Things People do for Favours


Everyone is trying to survive. One way to do it is through quick favors, but the things that are at stake all because of that favor are what is worrying.

Life is all about quid pro quo. Scratch my back if I scratch yours if you will. You cannot survive in this country, let alone this life if you keep to yourself. So, other people act as your stepping stone towards getting what you want. Your aunty gives a good word in at her agency so that you can get the job, and your friend showers you with praises in the presence of the guy you like so that he doesn’t fumble. You get the gist.

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However, all these favors are going to cost you somehow, and the sad part is that the ‘pay me back’ is unspoken. That aunty is expecting that you will at least recharge her account for the next couple of months, and you better be filling in your bestie on all the tea of your relationship; yeah, the one that she hooked you up on.

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Granting favors is good. After all, human beings are here to be used. However, be very careful just to what extent you are willing to go for a quick favor. You will want that job so badly but are you willing to sleep with your boss just to get the job done? Would you risk your ethical code of conduct or sanity all because Mr. Mark here is threatening to fail you if you don’t go out with him?

Not everyone is quick to help you without expecting something in return

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Some scenarios require you to have pride. Do not just set a booby trap for yourself because you want a silver lining. Sometimes, the silver lining comes on its own. You do not have to raise a single finger or work yourself to exhaustion to get it. In short, not all favors are worth risking for.

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