Unpopular Facts and Opinions About Love


While love is a beautiful experience to have in one’s life, not so many people know or even want to come to terms with its harsh yet true unpopular opinions.


Love is a feeling that everyone expresses differently, depending on the person. While love is what makes the world a better place to live in, there is a myriad of opinions surrounding this controversial topic. Here are some of the unpopular facts and opinions about love.

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Love in romantic relationships is not enough

A lot is required for people to have strong and lasting relationships with their partners. Love will not bring food to the table. One must work and bring food to the table to take care of one significant other. It’s not that people are materialistic, it’s just that love is and will never be enough to hold a relationship.

Love in romantic relationships is not enough File/COURTESY

Attractiveness is not only on the outside but also on the inside

Checkmate; Being rude does not make you cool and mysterious. If anything, It makes you look rather foolish and less attractive. A person who is not as good-looking but has a good personality may start looking attractive to some people because of their positive vibes and personality. However, that does not mean you let yourself go because you have a good personality.

If you do not love yourself no one will

If you keep thinking that you are not needed in the world and that you are ugly, people will start seeing you that way. The way you hold and perceive yourself is sure to make an impression on the outside world. Therefore, take compliments as they come and show yourself some appreciation. If you learn to love yourself you become easy to love.

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