Struggling to Gain Weight? Here is what you Need to Do!


Eating a lot of fast foods sure does guarantee that you will gain weight, but it is mostly unhealthy fat that could be a risk factor in your body.

Today, so many blogs and vlogs talk about how one can lose weight and get the perfect body. However, some people are struggling to gain weight. Adding a little bit of weight is not all bad as long as it is healthy and has been acquired in the right ways.

Here are tips you can use to gain healthy weight:

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  • Increase food intake

It is easier to gain weight if you eat more frequently. You would rather eat several portions of food throughout the day than eat two large meals at once.

Avoid eating too much junk because it will only lead you to add unhealthy weight that could risk you to obesity or chronic heart diseases.

  • Eat foods with more calories

Being underweight means that your body does not have enough calories. To gain weight more healthily, incorporate foods that have high-calorie content. Such foods include eggs, whole-grain bread, pasta, and cereals.

These foods contain calories and generally have high nutrient content that is perfect for gaining weight.

Eating foods that are high in calories for you will guarantee to gain healthy weight

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  • Snacking

Oh yeah. Snacking in between meals is a great way to gain extra weight. Throw in peanut butter sandwiches or an avocado sandwich before bedtime.  Eating cheese is also great for gaining healthy weight.

  • Drink lots of protein shakes and smoothies

On this journey towards gaining weight, avoid drinks that have no nutritional value in your body. These range from coffee to soda. Instead, try taking milkshakes, or fresh fruit smoothies. This ought to get your weight skyrocketing, in a good way of course.

Protein shakes and smoothies have high nutritional value as compared to soft drinks

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  • Exercise, exercise, exercise!

Apart from eating all the foods that will enable you to gain healthy weight, hitting the gym will enable you to build muscle, which enhances weight gain. Fun fact, exercising also stimulates appetite, so win-win!

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