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Reasons why you should Hit the Gym


Working out has been overrated for a long time. Even though most people are warming up to the idea today, many don’t know the importance of going to the gym.


Almost every morning at around 6 or 7 am, you will not fail to see several people on the road in their sports gear jogging. You will meet others with huge bags dangling off their shoulders, heading to the gym. You there are probably watching them wondering whether they had nothing better to do since they are up so early.

Going to the gym has more benefits than people could think of

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The truth of the matter though is that going to the gym helps shape several aspects of you, and surprisingly, not just the body.

Here are some reasons why you should go to the gym:

  • Improved Health

Obviously. Going to the gym helps not just the outside of your body but the inside as well. It helps in strengthening the lungs as well as increasing the energy levels especially if you are taking up treadmill or Zumba exercises. Going to the gym also reduces the risks of getting cardiovascular diseases.

  • Healthy Skin

Honey, if you want to age gracefully without having to pour your money on Botox, go to the gym. Exercising helps to stimulate and nourish skin cells with oxygen, helping you attain more clear skin. It also helps to eliminate toxins from skin cells that make people age quickly.

Make the gym your best friend and you can forget about Botox
  • Body Goals

The first instinct that leads to people going to the gym is that they want to look better. Sexier even. Well, that body does not come on a courier service, best believe that. Going to the gym tones the body making it fit and more appealing. You will look so good; those Victoria’s Secret models will have nothing on you. Plus, the body of your dreams equals confidence, so win-win!

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  • Reducing PMS symptoms

You are probably wondering why any girl would subject themselves to such torture when the menstrual cramps are enough to kill already. But take this to the bank, well gym in this case, but exercising reduces PMS. It also helps with depression and mood swings that come with menstrual cramps. Ladies, there is a way out of it after all. Just gym it!

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Ultimately, the benefits of going to the gym outweigh the hassle. So, if it is worth the risk and pressure, go for it. Your body will thank you later.

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