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Parents: When I was your Age… and other Short Annoying Stories


When parents want to either motivate or give you important life lessons, they start with reliving their glory days, and not in good ways. The tales of ‘when I was your age…’ and other short annoying stories.


Going down memory lane is one of the many great ways to learn about history. After all, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

like reliving their glory days, and not in good ways

However, there are these habits our parents pick up, (maybe it’s a parent thing because all of them do it) where they walk down memory lane when they want to give words of wisdom.

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You sit your mother down and ask her for advice about relationships, and there she goes telling you how in her days, they avoided men like the plague and so should you.

Here’s a good one; your father reprimands you because you work from home when back in the day, they had to tarmac for a job. He concludes the speech with something about how this technology is what is making this young generation lazy.

 Look here parents, there is nothing wrong with a little storytelling. If anything, it puts things into perspective and oh my, we do appreciate your overflowing cup of wisdom.

However, there is a limit to what requires comparison with your life as a youngling and what requires logic.

Not every scenario requires reliving the glory days

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Seriously you cannot tell your kid that back in the day you were all macho and walking barefoot to school just because she asked for a pair of new kicks.

Some situations ask for parents to be caring and not comparing how their life is different from what it is today. Furthermore, avoid normalizing suffering as the only road to success. Today’s kids have the technology to ease the work, so let them be.

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That constant comparison will honestly do your kids no good except question their sanity because they cannot take any more walks on memory lanes.


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