Harmonize Buys New Cars for His Employees


Harmonize aka Konde Boy has said he wants to win with everyone on his team after gifting brand-new cars to four of his employees.


The Konde Music Worldwide President has just taken the language of appreciation to a whole new level.

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Harmonize also surprised his then-signee Angella with a new car in July 2022. However, it is unclear whether Angella was permitted to leave the record label with the car.

Harmonize presented her with a car for the third time as a member of the Konde Gang.

Konde Boy also gave his signees Ibraah and Country Boy new cars on September 11, 2020.


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At the time, he was introducing new members of his label, including rappers Country Bwoy, Killy, and Cheed.

Ibraah was the first artist signed to Konde Music Worldwide in April 2020, and he has released a number of songs as well as an EP titled steps.

Killy, Cheed, and Country Boy have since parted ways with Konde Boy’s label.

He bought his mother a brand new Toyota Harrier in May 2022, just days after making a fortune in Kenya with a series of shows.

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“There is no car that my mother loves more than a Toyota Harrier…maybe there is someone who used to give her sleepless nights with his Harrier during her youthful days and that’s why she loves the car so much. I’m back from Kenya after running into a number of hurdles because of people with their own selfish interests. But at least I did not come back empty-handed and I have decided to gift you another car,” Konde Boy said to his mother


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