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Rayvanny and Harmonize Fallout after Heated Social Media Exchange


Rayvannny and Harmonize are at it again! The two took their beef to social media where they began flexing the riches and achievements they each attained in the music industry. It all started when Harmonize shared a post condemning people making and producing songs about alcohol claiming that not everyone is an alcoholic.


“Wasani punguzeni nyimbo za omen. Msidhani hii nchi kila mtu ni mlevi. Hata tuokunywanga Jumatatu hatunywi tukiskiliza nyimbo za pombe,” Harmonize posted.

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This post triggered Rayvanny who responded to his post by saying that Harmonize has no hit song about alcohol and that he should not have a say in the matter and should keep quiet.

Huna ngoma ya pombe iliowahi kuhit sasa utaongea nini kuhusu mawe ya pombe. Shut the f**k up,” Rayvanny responded.


Harmonize and Rayvanny File/COURTESY

This is where they started flexing and showing their achievements arguing that they are better than the other. Harmonize revealed that Rayvanny had always hated him to the point where Rayvanny almost leaked explicit photos to the public. Harmonize later invited Rayvanny to his house in order to teach him how to make money.

“Why do you hate me so bad? You made everyone see my private parts. You wanted me to kill myself but I’m still here. Don’t hate me. Come to my house I will show you how to make money to pay your label so that you can terminate your contract,” Harmonize alleged.

To this Rayvanny responded by saying that Harmonize is a pretender and opportunist. According to Rayvanny harmonize always rides on Diamond’s back and uses Diamond’s name to make it big in the music industry. Rayvanny also claims that he is more prosperous than Harmonize backing his statement on the amount he paid to terminate his contract with WCB label.

“Lemme be honest with you. You are not on my level musically and financially. Yani sio tuzo, sio hits, sio numbers, sio chochote, I’m your father. Diamond unae msema ndio mtu anakufanya hadi leo upo sababu njia wahisi uliona utamaitain ni kumtukana. I’m too old for that.” Rayvanny said.

“You paid Wasafi Tsh600 million, umelia kwenye media zote mzee. In case you don’t know I paid Wasafi Tsh1.3 billion. Ukihisi naongea sifuri fatilia au nenda Basata ukaulize na umeona nimeongea wapi? Money is nothing to me. Heshimu ndo kitu ninachokithamini. Ukiona siku nimeongea ujue nimekosewa heshima to the maximum,” Rayvanny clapped back.

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