Famous Actors who Lost their Lives while Filming


Death, a natural life process has robbed us of great talents, snatching away some of the most incredible actors while they were still living their best lives on set.

Most people are scared of death. Even then, it is somehow inevitable. A famous philosopher once said that the biggest unfulfilled dreams lay in the cemetery. This could not be truer as we have lost several actors while they were still working in the entertainment industry.

Here are celebrities who lost their lives while still filming their shows:

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  1. Nancy Nyambura, ‘Jastorina’

Nancy succumbed to meningitis only a few hours after winning the best lead actress in TV drama at the Kalasha awards in 2014. The famous actress was most popular for her role as a household in the film ‘Jastorina’ which aired on Citizen TV

. She was an astute filmmaker who was recognized for her effective delivery of the local drama.

Photo/courtesy of Standard Media: Nancy was famous for her role as a househelp on the local drama Jastorina
  • Beth Nyambura Mbaya

Popularly known as Wanade, Beth was a Kenyan TV actress who blew the screens away with her outstanding acting on mother-in-law.

Wanade lost her life on May 10 2013 at her sister’s home in Kahawa Sukari after a battle with cancer.

Halyna Hutchins

Hutchins was killed by a live round fired by the actor Alec Baldwin, on October 21, 2021. The Santa Fe set, overseen by Baldwin’s production company, was subsequently shut down and an investigation was launched.

The cinematographer was shot by a gun Baldwin was holding, but the actor insists he didn’t pull the trigger and blames prop managers for not checking if the gun was loaded.

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  • Paul Walker

Renowned Hollywood actor Paul Walker was known for debuting in a series of great movies among them the young and the restless, varsity blues, joy ride, and the biggest one of them all, fast and furious.

Walker succumbed to injuries sustained from a single-vehicle collision. At the time of his death, he had yet to complete the filming of fast and furious 7.

Paul Walker was famous for playing Brian in the Hollywood hit maker, fast and furious
  • Kone Nouhoum

Kone, who played ‘Reagan’ in the hit show Selina that aired on Maisha magic, passed away after spending four months in the ICU at the Nairobi hospital. He had been involved in a tragic accident at the Olkaria geothermal spa in Nakuru county on September 29, 2018. He had sustained fatal spinal fractures and had been in and out of surgery until the time of his demise.

Kone Nouhoum will be remembered for his stellar performance, playing as Reagan on Maisha Magic’s Selina

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These filmmakers among many others continue to be remembered for their great contribution to giving top-tier entertainment in the film industry.

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