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Diamond’s Manager Longing for Ali Kiba, Diamond Collabo

Diamond and Ali Kiba

Mkubwa Fella, a legendary Tanzanian music mogul who is Diamond’s manager, has expressed his desire for his artiste and long-time rival Alikiba to collaborate and produce music together.


While making a statement about the music industry, Fella said;

“Before I die, I want to see their collabo, so that we can weaken the ones trying to bring beef between the two. Because we don’t know where their beef started from. How do you start having teams against each other.”

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Diamond and Alikiba have long been rivals, and their fans have also been divided into factions. Diamond (Simba), Alikiba (King), and others have proclaimed themselves to be the leaders of Bongo Flava music.

Ali Kiba and Diamond Platinumz

Late last year, their feud was still raging after Diamond’s other managers Sallam and Babu Tale gave their picks for the best Tanzanian artist.

Diamond Platnumz was named the top artiste of the year 2022 by Sallam, while Alikiba ranked seventh on his list.

Babu Tale, on the other hand, did not believe Alikiba deserved to be in his top ten because he considered Diamond to be the best artist. Harmonize was ranked seventh on Tale’s list.

In response, Alikiba stated that he knew the two wanted him to speak so that he could promote Diamond’s upcoming show (then).

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“I think mmeshajulika kama nilazima mchokenolewe, Ndio function, ili jambo lenu liende. Nilitamani kumwambia Njomba kimbulu asiwachokunoe maana mtakua mmekamilisha malengo yenu kwabahati mbaya Njomba Hajawagundua ila mimi nawajua vizuri for your ,” he wrote on Instagram.

Diamond and Ali Kiba

(I think people already know that you need to be spoken about so that your event is a success. I wanted to tell (Harmonize) not to speak about you because you’d have achieved your goal when he does that but it seems he (Harmonize) doesn’t know you yet, but me, I know you very well)

He went on to say that he would speak right after Diamond’s end-of-year show and that he wished him luck.

“Sisumbuki tena, Najua hata hiki nilicho kiongea hapa kitawasaidia kwasababu mimi ni KINGwenu tena maana msije mkasema waporini wakati ni wewe ndio waporiniTena mmekaa kikao kujadili na kurank wasananiiWHO ARE YOU? Nitaongea jambo lenu likiishaHaya sasa nadhani nimewachokunoa vyakutosha tena kwa malengo mnayoyataka have nice show .#KingKiba.”

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(I am not troubled because I know what I’m writing will help you push your event because I am your King. Don’t say I’m the king from the jungle because it is you (Simba) who is. You’ve sat down to rank artists, who are you? I will speak after your event is over. I think I have pushed your event, have a nice show)


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