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Diamond Platnumz Advises Young Men About Volatile Women


Diamond Platnumz took to his socials to caution young men over chasing women and to learn from a reel he posted of a known Instagramer known as Alphadogmillionaire.


Alpha Dog advised young men to be ready to be dumped by the women in their lives. He reasoned that most men were fooled into thinking it is a forever thing when in her view it is simply your turn to have her.

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“I don’t care how much money or clout or status you have, you must prepare for that day she leaves you. One of the most real things I’ve heard is that she’s not your girl, it’s just your turn. You must understand that women are controlled by their emotions.” Alphadogmillionaire said.

Under that post, he captioned “Young boys, a little lesson for you,” adding a peace emoji at the end.

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Diamond Platnumz File/COURTESY

This is not the first time Diamond has advised people about love and relationships. In his hit song Yataniua, he says that love is expensive, painful and it can kill, hence it is better to look for money rather than looking for love.

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People may believe him and take his advice for he has been through the experience with many women who have allegedly dumped him over the years.

Diamond also has children with various women he has dated before. Diamond is allegedly dating his signee Zuchu a fellow bongo musician in the industry.

People around Diamond’s circle are rooting for the couple to the point where his manager would like them to get married as his birthday gift.


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