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China Makes Headway in Order to Advance Green Development

China has come up with a series of climate and ecological solutions that are instructive to the world as it strives to promote modernization.


In recent years, China’s top steel-producing province, Hebei has made headway in cutting overcapacity and pollution, and in the pursuit of green and balanced development.


The province’s steel production capacity has been reduced from 320 million tonnes at its peak to less than 200 million tonnes, while the development of strategic emerging industries and modern service industries is accelerating.

By September 2022, the number of iron and steel enterprises in the northern Chinese province had been slashed to 39 from 123 about 10 years ago.

China makes headway in green development
PHOTO/COURTESY:China makes headway in green development.

Hebei Province has invested about 100 billion yuan (14.3 billion U.S. dollars) which is equivalent to Ksh 1777.5 trillion in new energy power generation, aiming for adding an installed capacity of more than eight million kilowatts.

China makes headway in green development

Zhai Qing, vice-minister of ecology and environment, said that under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, the country has made great contributions to safeguarding multilateralism in global environmental governance and it is determined to do more toward the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

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About 18% of the country’s land territory has been transformed into various types of protected areas, as China strives to improve a nature reserve system composed mainly of national parks, he said. Following a series of major biodiversity conservation projects, the populations of over 300 types of rare and endangered wild animals and plants have recovered.

China makes headway in green development.
PHOTO/COURTESY:China Makes Headway in Order to Advance Green Development.

China has bolstered efforts to accelerate the development and application of low-carbon technologies and foster energy conservation and environmental protection industries, Zhai stated.


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