Chinese Rural Areas Ready for Spring Festival Home-Returnees

The Chinese rural areas are ready for the spring festival this year, uplifting all the efforts of migrant workers to make a better life for the whole family.

Naturally going home is the most important thing after a busy year. So transferential County has a population of more than 1.5 million 400,000 of them are migrant workers and the neighboring municipality, Chong Ching is one of their popular choices.


Every spring festival, the local government arranges free buses from taunting to ensure to welcome them back. Because of the Covid-19 rules, many migrant workers have not returned to their hometowns and villages in years.

This is the first spring festival after the change in policy to be reunited with their family members means a lot.

Chinese spring festival
PHOTO/COURTESY:Chinese Rural Areas Ready for Spring Festival Home-Returnees.

“Because of Covid, we were in a hurry to go home and often left very soon. This time I’m very happy to take the child home to reunite with our brother”, said one of the travellers.

“I have not seen my grandparents for a long time, I brought them counting hotpot, seasoning, and other local food”, said a local resident.

Chinese festivals.
PHOTO/COURTESY:The Chinese rural areas are ready for the spring festival.

“It has been one year since my mother passed away, and miss her very much we need to accompany my father. This trip home is exciting, happy, and sometimes bitter”,

Government workers also prepared some flu prevention supplies for them at the bus station. So we had to change buses again to get to her village. After consent was able to go home with her.

Chinese festivals.
PHOTO/Xinhua/Zhou Hua: Residents select decorations for the upcoming Spring Festival at a fair along Shanghai Road of Nanning City, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

The family had been waiting at the door. The village committee is asking return to migrant workers to report their health information in advance so that the village doctor can visit them at home.

“we will remind them to disinfect every day, frequently wash their hands, and pay attention to ventilation. This time I brought her some Covid antigens and we exchanged ways since she can call me at any time”, an official said.

Chinese festivals.

The permanent population of this village is about 3000 people 70 of them had Covid symptoms but most of them have recovered.

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“You know about 2000 people are coming home this year. We prepared enough medicine and other supplies in advance. Right now villages have a strong awareness of the infectious disease and are very cooperative”, the medical official said.

Chinese festivals.

So Yan was the latest one to return home this year. She says that although her father is not good at expressing his feelings, she knows that as long as the family is together, they can overcome any difficulties.

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