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Broke? Marriage Should be the Last thing on your Mind


The hard truth about life is, you will never fully settle down into a happy and stable marriage if your bank account statement screams ‘help me’.


Marriage may not be a topic up for discussion to some today, but many others still clutch onto the hope of being the future Mrs. Otieno.

According to statistics, women will most likely settle down with a man who is stable and can provide for her, over a man whom she loves.

No wonder so many women out here are quick to ask a suitor if he is loaded or not. If you have no money, you as the man try to play the long game, showering her with compliments enough to water the Sahara.

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Sorry to burst your bubble. She may fall for it, but not for long. She likes the compliments but prefers cash, thank you very much.

The struggle as a man gets even tougher because you are not sure what to do with yourself after rejection. So, you decide to get out into the ocean to catch new fish but the same story repeats itself.

That is where the narrative ‘women are materialistic’ came from, but maybe they are just looking at the bigger picture.

PHOTO COURTESY: Sometimes love alone just doesn’t cut it

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Here is some advice: if you want to settle down, please have a steady bank account. It is not even a materialistic thing. It is just that marriage requires a lot of investment. That new home is not going to run on love alone, be assured of that.

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There will be bills to pay, extra mouths to feed, and smiles you need to keep. Honey, it is going to take a fat wallet to achieve some of these things. So, suck it up, go out there and make some cash. Once you have successfully chased that bag, you can sit back and start thinking about chasing Jennifer


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