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Craving Marriage? Tough Questions you Must Ask


Marriage is like an investment; it takes asking the toughest yet most important questions for it to be successful and yield fruits.


Planning a wedding is hard as it is. The venues, décor, food, guest list, these things make a girl want to run.

However, the even harder thing today as you prepare for marriage is having a sit-down with your significant other and talking about your life after marriage.

Many avoid such conversations and it eventually leads to disaster. That’s when jenny goes back to her mother’s house in tears complaining how she is not cut out for marriage.

Here are tough discussions you must have with your partner before marriage:

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  •  Bills

Honey, living with someone else is bound to tick the financial scales somehow. As partners, talk about what bills need to be tended to, how you will be settling the bills, and who will take care of what. You can also talk about each other’s financial plans long-term.

Discussing issues of money can help in planning your financial goals as a couple after marriage
  • Parenting styles

You and your partner may have been brought up differently. Therefore, it is relevant to ask what styles of parenting you think are good, generally and what you would want to incorporate when raising your kids. Parenting is not about playing good cop bad cop all the time.

  • Sexual expectations

Oh yeah. Marriages are held together by a lot, including the bedroom zagazaga. Before you say I do, take initiative to ask your partner what they expect from you sexually.

Otherwise, 3 months into the marriage, James will start to complain about how you want him to be a freak in the sheets when he is no a trained gymnast.

At the end of it, keep it clear that there are good days for bedroom tangos and there are dry days, and the dry days do not in any way show your loss of interest in your partner. (let’s hope so)

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  • Health

You would be surprised about the health concerns people keep until they are unearthed four years into the marriage. Any successful marriage requires that you are both honest when it comes to your health.

In case of any terminal or chronic illnesses, keep your partner in the loop. Even genetic-related issues are a must-discuss. Having these conversations will save you a lot of trouble in the future, not to mention, your partner would rather hear it from you than from someone else.

Involve a third party if you must, but it is relevant that you air out important health risks or conditions

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  • Religious affiliation

Today, many families seem rather confused religion-wise because everyone in the house has their own spiritual beliefs. It is okay to have your own beliefs but when it comes down to religious practice, you need to talk it out and agree on the best course of action. This does not only clear the air between you two, but it also helps you steer your children in a mutual religious direction.


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