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Investment Opportunities to Look out for in 2023


Great investment decisions are made around business opportunities with good potential returns on investment or at best with high demand in the market.


Thoroughly researching the available investment opportunities is a key factor, as it enables you to make a sound decision on where to put your money.

Investment opportunities in 2023

With the pandemic and the 2022 election period past us, the air is clear enough for an investment environment. even so, being in the know-how of the pros and cons of every investment option is essential.

ere are some of the opportunities to look out for in 2023;

1 Real Estate Business

Real estate is one of the most profit-making sectors to invest in.
This is compounded by the government’s Affordable Housing project- perceived by many as a good opportunity for property developers.

The government’s incentives for developers within the affordable housing realm, such as tax rebates and infrastructure cost subsidies, are expected to attract investments from additional private developers interested in affordable housing.

Further, the sector has gained the interest of long-term financiers who are seeking to invest in opportunities that offer a social benefit.
Beekeeping Venture (Apiculture)

Agriculture is considered a lucrative business to set out in Kenya.
Beekeeping can generate good income due to the high demand for honey in the Kenyan market.

Apiculture farming requires few resources to start but comes with good profit margins.
Appropriate land and basic items like bee suits, smokers, and veils. are a priority while kickstarting beekeeping.

2. Avocado (Hass ) Farmin
Kenya has been ranked top in Africa and eighth worldwide in avocado exports, according to a 2020 study, this has made avocado farming among the most paying opportunities one can venture into in 2023.
Avocado exports generate up to Ksh14.8 billion in revenue, consequently attracting more farmers to farm the fruit.

15,000 metric tons of avocado are produced in Kenya about every year, for both local markets and exports.
One Hass avocado seedling goes for about Ksh150.
Planting about 200 avocado seedlings on land slightly large than an acre will give immense earnings once the fruits mature.

3 The Stock Market

The Stock Market is a platform that deals in the exchange of shares of publicly quoted companies, and government, corporate and municipal bonds among other instruments for the money.

The first step when buying securities (shares/bonds) is to decide the company to invest in.
When selecting the company, one should make sure the company is in a strong industry, and/or that it is strong or growing.
It is important to re-emphasize the essentiality of consulting a licensed stockbroker/investment banker, or investment advisor.

This is especially when one is in doubt about where to invest, as some of these institutions have the requisite professional expertise and experience, which ought to be taken advantage of.

4 Individual Startups
There are five steps that you need to consider before you begin if you want to launch a personal business.

First, create a business plan that will help define the business’s objectives and strategies. This is one of the fundamental processes that you should not skip, even if it sounds tempting.

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In cases like raising funds for your start-up business, you will need a business plan – which is an essential requirement before investors close any deal.
While in some instances, a bank will need to see your business plan before they give you a business bank account. Therefore, coming up with a business plan is a step that you cannot afford to skip when starting any business.

The next step is choosing your business bank account. There are various different types of accounts hence it’s vital to go through the pros and cons of each.
Consider whether you need a simple deposit account or if you need something more sophisticated, such as trading via e-commerce platforms.

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