Childhood Back in the Day was Amazing


The childhood experiences we had make the highlight of our stories. They were hilarious, somewhat annoying, and what gen-z babies would describe traumatic.

Growing up was interesting back in the day. We were not surrounded by a lot of technology as we are now, so the methods of keeping ourselves entertained were top-tier if you ask me. Some things were a staple in some households, more so the rich folks while in other homes they were a luxury. We have to admit that there are some things we cannot forget about our childhood.

our childhood experiences make for good stories today
  • The black-and-white TV

Those days, coloured televisions were rumours; completely unheard of. We had a black and white TV that was switched off for the better part of the day and only switched on at 7 pm and at 9 pm when our parents wanted to watch the news. Now that I think about it, there was this show called Tausi that aired at 6 pm, back then it was a huge deal. There was pin-drop silence in the plots during these times when this show used to air. Such good times, those ones.

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  • The wrath of our parents’ punishment

I remember we used to take a bath and then being the delinquents we were; we still go out to play. We went back home looking like a puddle of mud and mom used to literally grab anything in sight and whoop your behind seriously. I cannot count the number of times my mom hit me with a mwiko, a shoe, a cup, and all the kitchenware.

Playing in the mud was one of my greatest pleasures as a child

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  • Chapos for Christmas

Today, there is not so much appeal for Chapo because it is like the daily bread in most Kenyan homes. There is no thrill to it. Before, Christmas was an elite occasion because we looked forward to eating chapos. Imagine eating a meal only once a year. Crazy!

eating chapati was a luxury back in the day
  • Sunday bests

If you were those girls who wore pumps to church and a dress made out of lots of nets can I get an amen? That used to literally be the dress code back in those days. Call it Sunday best if you will. For boys, they used to put on this flair kind of jeans and just flex in them all day. Looking back at those pictures, it is a rather humbling experience.

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  • Killer gengetone lyrics

Akina Nonini, Nameless, Jua Cali, and the like used to keep us entertained. When I see young people vibing to today’s music, I want to tell them how much better it was back in the day. Today, even our parents can recall the lyrics to some jams done by Mr Nice. It was good times and great hits!

There was so much we enjoyed when we were growing up. Looking back, I miss those days terribly. Well, you know what they say, you don’t know what you have until it is gone.

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