Don’t do this if you seek to be in a happy relationship


Before you get into a relationship, you should be aware of the unspoken rules. You will not be told any of them but you must have them memorized by heart.

There are unspoken rules of a relationship you must know by heart. File/Courtesy.

Different people have different opinions when it comes to relationships. Some think it is a beautiful thing to be in love with another whereas some think it is just self-imposed exile.

My guess is depends on the people in question. When you are in a relationship though there are some things you are ‘not’ supposed to do.

Some are petty but just do not do it. These include:

  • Having best friends.

I know. But like I said, some are petty. People in relationships cannot stand it if their partner has a best friend. They are like “what is it that your best friend gives that I cannot?” best friends are causes of jealousy in relationships and sometimes we do not even know it. So if you are thinking about getting into a relationship, be ready for the best friend discussion.

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  • Hiding your phone.

It is petty in a way since after all, it is your phone and you can do whatever with it. However, you keep your phone from your partner is bound to raise some questions. Is he cheating on me? Does he have a baby mama with a dozen other kids? (cough*diamond*cough). These are so unnecessary and avoidable. Just don’t hide your phone, James!

Breaking unspoken rules could get you in a lot of trouble. Photo/Courtesy
  • Do I look fat in this?

 “Babe, does this dress make me look fat?” woe unto you if you say yes. Just look for another place to spend the night or better yet, look for another girlfriend who is skinnier. If she has put on weight or not, keep quiet or substitute with “no baby. The dress makes you look beautiful.” You should be able to swallow your tongue if you notice that your girlfriend has swallowed the entire pantry. It is an unspoken rule.

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  • Prior communication before inviting friends over.

Not everyone likes to come home after a long day at work only for them to find a rowdy bunch of boys/girls in the living room laughing like maniacs. Of course, your partner will be courteous and entertain them, but once they leave, there shall be a bloodbath. In short, it’s good to tell your partner of incoming visitors beforehand so that you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Generally, yes there are unspoken rules in a relationship. So if you were not aware of them until now, you are welcome. Be sure to learn about the many others and keep them safely in your heart. If it gets tough, just remember being single is still an option.

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