Babu Tale Ask Diamond to Gift him on his Birthday by Wedding Zuchu

Babu Tale

Babu Tale, Diamond’s manager asked Diamond to marry Zuchu on his birthday, claiming it will be the best gift for his birthday, and to Diamond and Zuchu’s fans too.


According to Mpasho, Tale expressed this sweet message dedication to the love birds, saying his wish is they get married on his birthday.

He appreciated the gifts that Diamond gives him like cars and houses but the gift he would like most is them marrying off. He emphasized that their marriage would make him happy.

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“Ombi langu kwa ndugu wasanii hii tarehe ni siku ya kuzaliwa kwangu, najua kijana wangu vizawadi vya magari mara nyumba nisehehmu ya kawaida sana kwako ila mimi zawadi pekee utakayo nipa na itakayo nifurahisha siku hii kwanza upige ndoa hata wa watu wanne na mashahidi kadhaa inatosha.” Babu Tale wrote

Babu Tale
Diamond and Zuchu File/COURTESY

Reportedly the couple started dating in December 2021 however they have kept their relationship private and denying the speculations that they were dating and always commenting on their relationship as business.

They were allegedly married on 14th February 2022 but none of the two parties confirmed or denied the rumor.

Now they admitted that they were in a relationship after publicizing it. Diamond wrote a sweet birthday message for Zuchu reminding her that he loves her.

“This week we commemorate and celebrate the reborn of the gifted, creative, loving, talented, and humble girl that Tanzania has been blessed with @officialzuchu … Thank you for continuing to make Wasafi, Swahilis, Women and the whole African continent proud…

“It’s a relief to see where you started from until now to be among the icons in the African continent. Always remember, every job has its own tests and challenges…. Strive to receive it whenever it comes and look for the right way to overcome it because the correct interpretation of an exam is to climb a bridge after failing.

“May God bless you and protect you in life and your journey of contributing to show the world that Africans are blessed with such talent. Remember Lion Loves you always 🌹❤️🎂🍾,” Diamond wrote.

Zuchu also confirmed this while giving a speech after winning Best East African artist during the AFRIMA awards.

“My hero Diamond Platnumz, I love you, I love you, you will always be my hero,” Zuchu said.

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