Ruto to Raila,”We do not need external help!”

Azimio leader Raila and H.E President Ruto

The government has been in the spotlight following the disappearance of two Indians and a Kenyan taxi driver among other unresolved and peculiar deaths.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has not spared the William Ruto-lead government, pressuring them to unravel the circumstances that led to the disbandment of the Special Service Unit.

 H.E President Ruto
H.E President Ruto PHOTO/Courtesy

According to sources and also IPOA the move for the disbandment was marred with doubts and was not done according to the book.

As is the opposition’s mandate, the opposition demanded that the government involve foreign agencies to look into the matter. They demanded that the Scotland Yard agency be a part of the investigations on extrajudicial killings and all matters related.

However, the president disagrees and was firm with his word that the investigative agencies we have as a country are competent enough and as a country, we should have trust in them.

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During the Launch of the State of Judiciary and Administration of Justice at the Supreme Court, the President also emphasized the need to respect the Constitution.

“We don’t need advice from Scotland Yard to remove and disband the murderous units in our police force. We didn’t advice from anywhere, we just needed to respect our Constitution and do the right thing,” Ruto said on Friday, November 4.

He also vowed to work with the police service offering all support they would need.

“Supporting our professional police force will guarantee the life of every Kenyan and the security of our property and will get rid of the menace of extra-judicial killings. We suddenly don’t need the support of institutions built by others; we can build our own institutions. Even those institutions that we celebrate were built by people who believe in the rule of law,” he added.

The president’s remarks come a week after the former DCI boss George Kinoti was making headlines for allegedly ‘cooking-up evidence’ against Kenya Kwanza’s politicians during the campaigns.

Raila noted that according to how the missing Indians case is being handled it has turned into a witch-hunt instead of a probe.

He was troubled by the allegations against Kinoti after service of a clean slate for the period he was the agency’s boss.

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