Ruto Appoints Sialaal as NPS Accounting Officer

President William Ruto has appointed Bernice Sialaal Lemedeket as the Accounting Officer of the National Police Service of Kenya (NPS).

The Chief of Staff Felix Koskei announced that Bernice Sialaal will double as the Principal Administrative Secretary at the National Police Service.

Photo/Courtesy (Ruto appoints Accounting Officer for the National Police Service).

The appointment comes months after the Head of State President William Ruto signed an Executive Order granting the service autonomy by transferring their budget from the Office of the President.

Before the appointment, Lemedeket served as a Kenya Pipeline Company Foundation-KPCF Manager and was also the TB/HIV Program Advisor at the University of Maryland Global Initiative.

Photo/Courtesy (The National Police Service appointee-Bernice Sialaal Lemedeket).

Furthermore, Bernice holds a bachelor’s degree holder in Sociology and Psychology, a Master’s degree in Project Planning, and another in Development management.

Giving first priority to output, President Ruto is working to ensure there is more of a developmental aspect in line with Kenya Kwanza’s Manifesto.

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