No one tells you these downsides to living abroad


When many people are always seeking to get greener pastures abroad, most have little knowledge about the negative side of it and it ends up costing them.

Having that American dream is common among many people especially here in Kenya. People have this perception that the world out there is greater than what is currently on offer in their own country. While that may be true, mostly, sometimes there is so much that one has to endure abroad before things streamline.

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When living abroad sounds amazing, it is not all sunshine and rainbows
  1. Language barrier.

In the excitement of getting into a foreign country, many forget that learning the language of the said country is crucial.

It becomes hard to communicate with people because you do not understand each other. Sometimes, even in countries that speak a universal language such as English, different accents could create discord between you and other people.

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  • Loneliness

 More often than not, it gets lonely up there since you are new to the area, and you are yet to make tangible connections with people.

It is also inevitable since you have left many of your friends and family behind. It is advised that you maintain a steady flow of communication with people back home through video calls or messages, to chase the loneliness away.

  • Culture shock of a lifetime.

When the wise said, east or west home is the best, they were not bluffing. Traveling abroad can give you whiplash because of how different the culture is over there as compared to home.

Some things as simple as food, bedtime hours, method of transportation, or dressing can make you feel like an outsider.

It is important to research the country you are moving to prior just so you know what to expect. We do not want you fainting because you saw people of a certain country eating snakes, now do we?

Researching a country before you travel will help deal with culture shock more easily
  • Discrimination

Best believe this will happen eventually. You may get backlash for having a certain accent that seems way primitive or has snide comments thrown your way about how you come from that continent where people live with wild animals like neighbors.

Be prepared for the worst but do not let that stop you from enjoying yourself.

  • High cost of living

Chances are, settling abroad will create a huge dent in your pockets, so be psychologically prepared for that.

You will have to spend way more to rent that apartment for the first time, get a car, insurance, or something as basic as groceries.

However, the positive side to this is that it will all work out in the end. You just have to put in a little effort.

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Ultimately, living abroad has its good side as well. It is just a matter of weighing whether the risks associated with a foreign country are worth it. At the end of the day, home is where you will always belong.  

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