Giving Relatives Money is the Reason Why you Cannot Save


When finding jobs is a huge deal among young people, they are unable to save because they are obligated to pay their relatives, leaving them broke nonsense.

Black tax is among the sole reason why young people are still broke, Black tax is simply defined by google as the financial support that an entrepreneur of color is obligated to provide to their family and relatives continuously outside their living expenses.

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Family and relatives should not be entitled to anyone’s, money, even their dearest son’s!

This ‘obligation’ is what is making people not have a single dime in their pockets even though they are working an actual job.

In many families, especially in the African homes, Relatives tend to milk the younglings dry once they know that they can get something out of it.

Aunty Jennifer starts to scheme her medieval plans to exhaust the financial wells of her nieces and nephews because well, they never seem to run dry.

At least that is what they think. So, it starts with the small comments just carefully thrown out there.

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Something along the lines of “si ukipata Kazi Aki utaninunulia nguo ata Moja” (with their annoying voice) and you have to do it out of goodness of your heart because after all, you are earning.

Until it dawns on you that you are like their walking bank, a new and improved ATM, and before long you notice its getting out of hand, you try to get away and that is her cue to start making suggestive and snide comments about how children these days just get money and abandon their blood.

Once you stop giving handouts to relatives, they start making suggestive comments

Many young people can relate to this, however it should not be like that, as no one is ‘obligated’ to give financial privileges to relatives, no matter how good they are.

This does not mean that you get stingy with help, no, but it should be a realisation that you can say no when the financial burden gets overwhelming.

You do not have to spill some coins to get on the team’s good side. As for relatives, this entitlement should stop. No one in your family owes you anything, even your dearest son.

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Allow the kids to get jobs and benefit from the fruits of their labor. Let them save, let them grow financially, and let them go out clubbing with their money.

Not everything has to revolve around you, aunty!

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