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Money is a Deal Breaker in any Friendship!

Not many people in friendships are ready to have a conversation about money, yet it could be the one thing that leads to ugly fall outs


Everyone has been in that scenario where they borrow money from a friend once or twice.

Sometimes, we get into situations where we need some financial assistance and think back to our best friends, our ultimate saving grace.

However, there is only so much that you can borrow until it gets out of hand. It is even worse if you have a habit of borrowing without refunding.

Friends are not ready to have a conversation about money

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Statistics show that money is a subject that could make or break a friendship, depending on the circumstance.

Many are times when friends borrow funds for fuel or a certain project, saying that they will definitely give it back.

Of course, you trust them because they are close to you so what is the worst that could happen, right? But then the shit hits the fan when you ask for a refund and they take you back and forth.

There are others who will tell you to wait, until the deal ‘iivane’ but then there’s a whole other crowd who will feel so violated that you asked for your money because they thought you were friends and you had each other’s backs.

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when friends borrow money but they aren’t willing to refund, it destroys the friendship

Here is a sad but true fact about life, it is hard. So it is not right that we are not willing to pay homage to friends who stick their necks out for us.

When they go all out and come to our rescue financially, it does not mean that they are rich, and even if they were playing on Bill Gates’s team in terms of wealth, you still need to pay up.

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Moreover, the whole entitlement thing we carry on our shoulders when we are borrowing money from friends should stop.

Friends can say no to your loan requests without having to explain themselves. After all, it is their money.

Essentially, it all narrows down to what respect we have for each other’s boundaries, especially financial boundaries.

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