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How to Tell You Have Toxic Friends


When having friends is such a blessing in its own right, there are things friends do that are such huge red flags we should not dare overlook.

Friends are like the sun, they make life shine brighter

Friendship is beautiful. It is like being in a world with no problems, there’s no pain; just you and your bestie.

Sometimes though, we get into friendships that may not be the best place for us yet we are not even aware. These friendships are considered to be toxic and not good for your growth.

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Here are signs you have a toxic friend:

  • Control freaks

When you happen to be together, all the things you two do are what he/she wants. Whether or not you want to, they will make you do it regardless.

They control how you dress, what food you eat, and the people you talk to. It’s like your life is not yours anymore. That’s toxic alright.

  • Making you feel insecure

Fact check, your friends are supposed to be your happy place. They should make you feel safe.

So if your friend is one of those who make you feel unworthy or have low self-esteem because of your weight or dress code then they are toxic and so not worth your time.

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  • Receivers, with nothing to offer in return

Friendships are all about give and take. It is what makes a friendship last the test of time. However, in a friendship where you are the one constantly giving; money, a shoulder to cry on, support, or something else and you don’t get all that back, it is draining and needless to say, absolutely toxic.

  • Friendly’ teasing

There is nothing wrong with a little teasing between friends. If anything, it is amusing and all about tough love.

However, some friends do not recognize at what point the teasing is not all in jest but rather downright insults and disrespect.

Your friends will joke about how you are so chubby, when you sit down the couch might just break and you two laugh it off.

When they keep on making suggestive jokes about your weight, please run. That’s toxicity creeping in and you absolutely do not need that energy.

When they constantly make jokes about you and you think its no longer funny, that’s when you know toxicity is creeping into that friendship
  • Guilt inducers

They are friends make you feel guilty for not wanting to do something they want. For instance, when you guys are out and you don’t want to drink but they keep shoving the idea down your throat. Eventually, they complain about how you are no fun.

That is toxicity. It is the same case in a scenario where your friends bash you for not lending them money, because apparently you owe it to them to support them financially just because you are friends.

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  • Disrespecting boundaries

Friends become toxic if they cannot respect your boundaries. Sure, friends in their own right are nosy but there are very blurred lines to when you are supposed to be nosy and when you need to stay in your lane.

Friends are meant to be your comfort place. So if you are not happy in a friendship with someone, talk to them about it or leave and give yourself some room for positive energy and growth. You owe that to yourself.


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