Messi, Ronaldo Feature in Louis Vuitton Campaign


Having dominated the debate of football for decades, Messi and Ronaldo, the two players dubbed GOATs (Greatest of all time) are seen to have swapped their differences on the pitch as they take on each other in a game of chess.

Messi and Ronaldo Come Together for Louis Vuitton Campaign. Photo by @Annieleibovitz

The campaign from clothing brand Louis Vuitton has brought them together after a backdrop of Messi and Ronaldo seated on opposite sides of a chess board trending online.

Messi and Ronaldo United. Photo/COURTESY

This photo has brought an uproar to the football fanatics online not expecting the two football greats to come together soonest.

It was also a strategic show for the Louis Vuitton campaign as they released this photo 24 hours before the biggest sporting competition begins.

From a photo taken by @Annieleibovitz the best photographer in the world who has shot people that everyone wishes in their history to shoot. The mood and theme in this photo have sent the entire football world crazy.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Mess have featured in the first-ever joint paid partnership promoting the luxurious clothing brand, Louis Vuitton. This will go down in history in the football world in 2022.

Cristiano Ronaldo announced the paid partnership on Twitter and Facebook, quoting: “Victory is a State of Mind.” While Messi did the same on his Instagram page with a similar caption.

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The Two GOATs have always been the best to ever happen in the decade in the world of football. They always have the work ethic and consistency to break every record possible from the previous stars of football.

Sure, they will be dearly missed as they have one last dance of the World Cup competition.

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However, from the photo trending, results are not known how the cerebral game ended between the two brilliant minds.

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