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God Provides: Maureen Waititu Opens Up on Challenge of Educating Her 2 Kids

Maureen Waititu

A long-thought-to-be-over drama involving Maureen Waititu and her baby daddy Frankie Just Gym It, appears to be resurfacing.


As Maureen thanked God for providing for her and her family she also said something that had many people guessing.

So the city lawyer was responding to a post by Just Ivy, who asked parents how they were doing after paying school fees, to which Maureen replied, “I look back and I can’t believe I did eight terms with two kids. God’s grace is sufficient- He provides. We powered through the anxiety and we made it!”

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The backdrop of Maureen saying this left many wondering if she may be insinuating to have raised her children without the help of Frankie.

It’s not the first time Maureen has accused Frankie of not paying his bills. She made similar claims shortly after their breakup. Maureen decided to take to her YouTube channel at the start of the ordeal to simply stop the trolls from bullying her after Frankie left her for Corazon Kwamboka.

She claimed that since he left the relationship, he had not sent any money to support their two sons and had rarely visited them. He retorted that he paid for their education and the house they lived in, but those claims have yet to be confirmed because she moved out soon after.

Frankie and Maureen’s relationship was a goal for netizens until it wasn’t. They dated for a while and had two boys as a result of their relationship.

Frankie and Maureen’s relationship began to deteriorate after rumors surfaced that he was cheating on her with socialite Corazon Kwamboka. This was shortly after Maureen gave birth to their second child.

Of course, Frankie and Corazon denied the dating rumors until they couldn’t anymore. Frankie eventually ended his relationship with Maureen and soon after began dating Corazon Kwamboka.

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The couple’s split was a messy and dramatic event that had everyone on social media glaring, cheering, and jeering.

A few months later, pictures of Frankie and Corazon hanging out on social media surfaced. However, the two denied that they were dating at the time.

They later admitted that they were a couple and were frequently seen vlogging about their activities.

Soon after breaking up with Maureen, Frankie began dating Corazon, and it wasn’t long before she became pregnant with their first child together.

Their relationship appeared to be going well until Corazon announced that they had broken up with Frankie after their second child was born. She didn’t reveal the details of their breakup until much later when she began hinting at the reason for it.

Frankie and Corazon, like Maureen, divorced just a few days after she gave birth to their second child.

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